Fireplace Transformation

Before pics at the bottom to most recent pic at the top

Bath Remodel

Bath Remodel in progress.

Oldest pictures to newest.

We will keep you posted!

Covered Deck

Screened in Covered Deck

14 x 28


Storage Building

This went up Quick and easy

12 x 16 Storage


California Sun Room

Beautiful Cedar Beams used to build this Sun Porch

Pole Barn Garage

Pole Barn Style Garage


Various types of Sun Rooms

The first is a 2 story sunroom/addition in process.

The other photos are the outside and inside view of the same sunroom.

Storage Building

12 x 16 Storage building with garage door

Detached Garage

Detached garage in progress:


Pole Barn

Look at this Red Hot Pole Barn 🙂


Randall Howard

Rogersville MO


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